Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Bug

You guys.
School has started.
I literally had so many nightmares before the first day.

{banana gram brown nosers ;}

Really, I didn't know that the nightmare would be the fourth day!
Don't worry, I got sick. Who gets a sub on the fourth day of school? This girl.

I literally bawled when I left (I went to school being sick).
I was devastated. I let my kids down. Parents down. And myself down.

So I go to the doctor, he gives me the Z pack and I am on my merry way.
Then I find out Courtney's hair was completely gone. I lost it again.
THEN girl things decide to happen. Awesome little cherry on top. 

Needless to say, I had a great weekend. Did nothing and loved every second.
The only thing I really did do was go to a bake sale my cousin put on for Courtney.

{this wasn't even half of the treats}

Her medical expenses have QUICKLY added up. Paying bills? No fun.
If only this teacher had a million dollars to give my sister and her family.

Courtney is such a lucky little girl. So many people are praying for her everyday.
So many people want to help. And so many people are being so proactive in her behalf.
{bake sale super star showed up for a few minutes}

IT IS INSPIRING  I cannot wait for an opportunity to pay it forward.
It is overwhelming that there are such kind people in this world.

Having a bug? Stinks.
Having Cancer? SUCKS. And that's putting it nicely. 
I wish Cancer upon NO ONE.
For real.

taking life one day at a time.

Saturday, August 3, 2013


I've come to the conclusion that I only love two seasons: Fall and Spring.
Winter? Snow? I'm a fan for the month of December and then I'm good.
Summer? Blazing (Utah) heat? Eh, I'm more of a 70-80's kind of girl.

Which is why I am more than ready for the crisp air of fall.
I feel like my closet is more of a "fall weather" closet and I am ready to put it back to use!

Here are some looks I am digging for fall:




< short boots
< camo
< graphic t's
< leather
< front ties
< cargo green
< denim anything
< 90's grunge

Fashion is what you buy. 
Style is what you do with it.