Wednesday, November 20, 2013

classroom pictures

It's a jungle out there.

Or maybe just in room 124.

Either way, we are wild about learning!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

C H A N G E //

Every year I look forward to the changing of the leaves. When the air becomes crisp, the leaves crunch under your feet and every tree's leaves offer new color. I look forward to the first snowfall (I repeat: the FIRST snowfall). When those white fluffy flakes begin to cover the ground and when our shoes soles collect the snow as we walk. Why do I look forward to these times each year? One word: Change.

Change is something the general population avoid at all cost. It's where we lose our power and comfort in a situation or circumstance and become vulnerable in those moments of uneasiness. 

Not this girl.

Ever since I was little, I generally enjoyed change. Rearranging my room was something I did on the regular. I had new ideas and a new mind set when I did. I was the kid that wanted to move. What kid wants to move?? This kid did. Weird, I know. I enjoy a fresh start and clean slate.

Change is something that I've had a lot of these last few years. Normally I feel like I initiate the change, however it has not been in my hands. The big guy upstairs ran me through a ropes course to get me where I am. And let me tell you-I'm ready for a timeout!

A year and a half ago I had the weirdest impression. I had an impression that Nordstrom (my place of employment) would lead me back to teaching. Now, at this time I had no plan to teach. EVER. My major was something that came easy to me, yet kicked my butt. And after student teaching I was E X H A U S T E D. Then I moved home and got a job in retail, something that I had never tired before. And guess what? I loved that change and new pace of life.

Fast forward 2 years and I had that impression. In my head I thought, "No way." But as the days went on I kept thinking "Look into teaching." So I looked and looked, applied and applied and NOTHING. Umm? Okay?

Weeks went on and I was tired if commuting to Salt Lake. Forty minutes in stop and go traffic day after day was not something I enjoyed. I hated living so far away from work. Since I had a lot of driving time, usually that "go back to teaching" impression would surface during those moments of being lost in my own thoughts.

I finally decided that looking into teaching was exactly what I needed to do. However, in order to do that I needed to almost be "forced" into doing it. So I quit my job. Yeah, kind of scary.

Long story short, I LUCKED OUT. I interviewed for a 3rd grade teaching position for a teacher who was moving to Kansas. I was freaked out during my interview. It had been 2 years since I was in that "teaching" mindset. The next week I was called back for an in class lesson. When I walked in, I left all my emotions at the door. I thought "Stephanie, you know you can do this. This IS your comfort zone." And it was. I felt like I connected with the kids and guess what? I GOT THE JOB.

Going from clothes to kids? Talk about the biggest change of my life.

This last year I have learned so much. And that is an understatement. The quote "Forget yourself and go to work" crosses my mind daily. The minute I walk into my classroom, it's not about me (well, except when I need a diet coke...), it's about them. I am responsible for their learning. Which is actually scary. There is a lot to be learned!

On October 31st I hit my one year mark at my school. It has made me think of all the change I have been through in the last year. Do I make less money? Of course. Am I stressed out a lot of the time? Hahah, umm yeah.  Have I gained weight? Unfortunately. But do I regret my career decision? Not in the least. It is the most rewarding and fulfilling job there is. HANDS DOWN. 

Change is all around us, whether or not we like it. Change is what shapes and molds us. Sometimes we need to be pruned to make us better. And that is where I am in my life right now.

Looking back, during the those moments of being between jobs was scary. The unknown freaked me out. However, the Lord knew what was around the corner. He knew what job I needed.

Whatever it may be, the Lord is aware of us. He knows our desires, but more importantly, he knows our needs. He knows what we need, where we need to be and what job is right for us. Sometimes it's hard to have faith, because we can't see the outcome. But as we trust in the big guy, he will pull through.

This video was something that I needed to hear this last week.
It reminded me who is really in control and how I need to follow those sweet, small whisperings.
Change is a beautiful thing because as they say "Life is to enjoyed, not endured."

❤️ ❤️ ❤️ 

Saturday, November 2, 2013


You guys. I thought the first week of school was tiring.
WRONG. Halloween week definitely tops it.

Anyway, here's a few things I've been up to:

1. Witches Night Out at Gardner Village with my two Stacie's. Witch, please.

2. Definitely was rocking fifty shades of nerd for Halloween. However, I am pretty sure everyone (and then some) was a zombie of some sort. What is with everyones obsession with zombies? #overit

3. My FAVORITE costume at school was the most simple of them all.

3. A little girl who was in my class last year and is also in my class this year, remembered that November 1st I was officially their teacher. She brought me an anniversary gift. 
It was the SWEETEST thing. I was shocked she remembered! Love kids.

4. Halloween night I was pooped! School for sure wore me out. 
However, a few of us went to Slab Pizza in Provo to celebrate. 

5. Last but not least, in class we were also celebrating Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) in Mexico for November 1st. Our kiddos earned an extra field trip, so we were stoked it was the day after Halloween. I love Tammy, she is definitely one of my favorite teachers to teach with! #butreally 
I've learned so much from her and we know how to keep it real and have a good time! 

{how we were feeling the day after Halloween}

Halloween was fun, but I am so glad it is over! 
I am ready for the Thanksgiving and Christmas season. 
But I am not ready for it to fly by. Boo.

Anyway, tis the season to be Merry! 
"Hey that's my name!"
"No, sh*%!"

Ten bucks if you name that movie.