Saturday, June 20, 2015

| i like to move it, move it |

you know things are serious when YOU MOVE INTO TO YOUR FIANCE'S PLACE. yeah, talk about surreal. we found that it would be easiest to move my things to seattle before the wedding, rather than after. that way i am semi moved in and we won't have the stress of moving me.

my parents and i loaded a u-haul here in utah and then made the track to washington. i am so lucky to have the parents i do. they would do anything for their kids/grandkids. like, who pays for a u-haul and then gladly drives their child 16 hours only to help them unload it? scott and jolene, that's for sure.

Monday, June 8, 2015

| he liked it so....|

....he put a ring on it!

probably the happiest day of life thus far. and the best part? i had NO IDEA. sometimes i like to think i'm a pretty good detective, but he stumped me on this one.

i flew into seattle pretty late (due to crazy thunderstorms in utah). i felt bad because i knew he had work early in the morning. when he picked me up, i noticed how handsome he looked with a button up shirt and jeans. i just assumed it was a long day at work and he didn't have time to change.

we jump in the car and drive up to our apartment. when we got off the exit, he mentioned he had accidentally taken his dad's keys when he was home last. i offered to take them back to utah with me but he said his dad needed them asap because they were city keys for the baseball fields. his family friends' mom lives 5 minutes from our place. she lives in a closed community (with guards at the entrance) that over look the beautiful puget sound. there are estates after estates in this community. a lot of microsoft and amazon execs live there. it's unreal.

anyway, since she was "flying to utah the next day" he was going leave the keys on the back porch. her home was beautiful. however, there wasn't a lot of light. so me being the baby i am asked, "sooo how long are you gonna be?" he told me to just come with him so i could see the house. we walked to the back of the house and he "put the keys under the mat" (aka back in his pocket). then we started to walk back to the car and he said, "wait, she has this cool barn lets go look at it." (still clueless). we walk down this stone path. the moon was shining over the water and although it was dark, it was still breathtaking. as i turned the corner, i saw this swing set lit with white christmas lights, a picnic table, cake bites, a dozen roses, music, martinelli and a basket.

we danced and he held me and told me everything sweet thing you can imagine. after he knelt down and asked me to marry him we danced some more, swung on the swings and then made out way to the table. we drank martinelli, practiced feeding each other cake and then finally got to the basket.

he said, "since we are starting our lives in seattle, this basket is all things seattle." he included a dashboard holder for my phone when i'm trying to navigate my way somewhere, a mariner's t-shirt, dried honeycrisp apples from pike's place and my favorite bubble bath.

i totally melted. it was so romantic.

i feel so lucky to have met breck. he's a genius. funny. hard working. loyal. kind hearted. has a strong testimony. great family. stylish. and has enough nikes to last him for life (40+). i love him and can't wait for our many adventured ahead!

Monday, June 1, 2015

| rocky mountain elementary |

at the end of each school year i always get a little emotional. watching those students leave my classroom is a little harder than one might imagine. teachers spend 10 months with those kids, teaching them not only the curriculum they need to know, but how to be successful individuals. the group of kids i had this year was a different bunch. i told them i expect BIG things from every single one of them. they were all so motivated, determined, competitive, hard workers and truly had a special light about them.

i'm so grateful that i have had the opportunity to be at rocky mountain for the last three years. i truly feel blessed and know that the Lord had a purpose in leading me there. and because i was led to rocky mountain, i was also led to breck. double win!

i am going to miss my rocky mountain family. the friendships i've made. and the life long lessons i've learned.