Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Lets talk about stuff

Lets talk about the fact I have insomnia for days. Always.
Hence writing this at 4am.

Lets talk about.....(insert song lyrics here)

Lets talk about the fact that I have 6 dates this week. You read that right, S I X.
I'm feeling a good blog post coming...

Orrrrr that my 7 year old niece says the funniest things.
The other day we were at my cousins for dinner and the convo went like this:
Alli, "do they have spray butter?"
Me, "no, probably not,"
My Mom," here's some regular butter."
Alli, "how do I use regular butter, just like spread it on??"
I was dying. Clearly, they don't eat "regular" butter often ;)

Lets talk about how I can't get my butt to the gym in the last 3 weeks.
Orrrr lets not.

Lets talk about the fact that I now have a tv in my room.
I'm never leaving my bed. Like, ever.

Orrrrrr that I've decided to wear a head wrapish thing every third Friday when Courtney admitted for chemo. Soon she will lose her hair. And It will be heartbreaking. But lets be honest, she will be the cutest chemo patient there (umm but really). We gotta rock the wraps and stay positive!


We can do hard things. 
Oh yes we can. 


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  1. lovin' the blog comeback :) gotta get my butt in gear now!