Thursday, October 29, 2015

| seattle temple |

our new ward is really working us. i have 3, yes T H R E E, calling and breck has two. also, we have already been asked to speak on a combined youth panel. crazy! i think it is so great to get involved with the ward and been an influence to others as well as the youth.

one calling includes going with some other ward members to the temple each month. we love it! the seattle temple is beautiful inside and out.

i started out having a crazy week (took me 2 hours to get home the other night due to traffic) and i was being a grump. i knew it. breck knew it. and the big guy upstairs knew it. i could not unwind and the fact that my new job requires me to fight the traffic to get to work. when we went to the temple everything was put into perspective again. does 2 hours of traffic really matter? (well, kinda when you don't have a diet coke...jk) i was being selfish. breck was so sweet to me and just listened while i vented.  one thing i love about breck is he's not a huge complainer. me in two hours of traffic? major complainer. him in two hours of traffic? he might complain for a second but then forget about it.

A quote I heard (and needed!) this week:
"We can't direct the wind, but we can adjust the sails." -Thomas S. Monson

Saturday, October 24, 2015

| wedding video |

it is crazy to think we hit our two month mark this week. time flies when you are with the one you love most. before marriage, i always looked forward to the day i could reflect on my life and spouse and be able to say "...and i thought i loved you then." we are only two months into marriage and i already feel the deepest amount of love for breck. he's the one that keeps me laughing, brings me a diet coke unexpectedly, the hardest worker i know, puts God before anything else and truly makes me the happiest. i want nothing more than to make him happy and he pushes me to the best that i can be.

this week we also received our wedding video. i loovvvveee it. it is so fun to look back on that day and see us (and others) in action. that was such a special day and a video is something we will cherish forever.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

| back to the future |

this may be earth shattering news, but i had never seen back to the future until a few weeks ago (cue gasping here). breck's mind was blown when he found this out. sometimes i think he lived under a rock growing up. mostly, i just never cared about stuff like that.

anyway, breck would not let life go on until i saw all three movies. we watched the last one on october 21, 2015 (very fitting for bttf) and made a little date night out of it. it was so fun.

i actually loved back to the future and doc CRACKS me up! i love his facial expressions.

also on october 21, doc and marty mcfly were on the jimmy kimmel show and made us laugh so hard. there have been many back to the future jokes or references i have heard since (like the cubs winning the world series) and now i'm glad i am in the "know" (thanks to my husband).

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

| home sweet apartment |

the weekend i flew up with breck to look at apartments he was deathly ill. he had pneumonia (although he didn't know it at the time). he was such a trooper. we had to find a place by the following weekend, so we were def in crunch mode.

he had gotten worse since i flew in and by sunday morning checking out wards, i told him that finding an apartment was important but i would not go look for more apartments until he went to urgent care.

it was mother's day which meant we could talk to his brother, tate, who was serving a mission. breck probably said two whole words to tate and we signed off. it was the saddest thing i have ever witnessed.

anyway, we found an apartment that we liked and it has worked out! we are about 8 miles north of the city of seattle. which is great, because breck works right downtown so he drives to work (traffic = a nightmare).

our little 2 bedroom apartment has that "urban" vibe going on with the cement floors and i love it!

(there's still some area that i am more pictures to come)

Also, those black "go green" garbage bags next to our cute bench? yeah that's because everywhere charges for grocery bags here. ranges for $.05 -$.20 (thanks, norsdtrom). that by far is the hardest thing for me to get used to. booo.