Monday, May 5, 2014


This little pumpkin is done with chemo! She has been such an inspiration to me.
 Every time I walk into Primary Children's I am amazed at the strength I see.
And those nurses!  I think they have a different heart than the rest of us. 
Talk about a heart wrenching job! 

Don't let her adorable little smile fool you though, she was sick and nauseous from her medicine right before this picture. She was siting on my lap and I said, "Courtney, guess who's coming to see you right now?" And she looked at me and said, "Who?" I smiled back and said, "Scottie." That cracked a smile and then I suggested we scare him. She loved it. Scottie was traveling through on his way to Arizona to sell for the summer. The timing couldn't have been more perfect. 

{singing "No more, no more...Chemo...therapy!"}


After Courtney cracked her smile, my other niece Alli (age 8) turned to me and said, "You always know how to make her smile, Stephie!"Melted my heart. 

After her smile faded (about ten minutes later), she began to feel sick again. She went into my brother-in-laws arms and asked, "has my hair grown back yet?"

She can now swim and be a normal little kid. 
I am so grateful for my family and to know that families are forever!