Sunday, October 26, 2014


Little (or not so little) thoughts:

+ Dear life: Last week was possibly the worst week of the entire year. Everything went wrong. Everything broke. And my brain ended up in the lost (and then maybe found). When I asked if the week could get worse, it wasn't a challenge. Sooo thanks for ignoring my rhetorical question and ending my week with a speeding ticket. Def NOT the cherry on top (looking forward to a new week...).

+ I'm obsessed with floppy hats. I've bought two in the last two weeks.

+Bring on No-Shave-Novemeber.
+ Stoked for Thanksgiving. And to make our annual holiday music video.

+ And to see this bundle of joy. There's nothing cuter than a baby giggling.

+My parents buying a place in Park City was probably the best decision they've ever made. Well, besides having me of course.

+ Everyone needs to read the book Wonder. IT'S THE BEST.

+ Scandal is my favorite TV show. I can't get enough. Jake Ballard? GET AT ME. Breaking Bad is a close second right now (although I had to take a break for a min...)

+ Halloween on Friday means this week will be nuts. But so fun. Can't wait to party with my kids.

+ TOMORROW, October 27th, IS THE DAY. T.Swift's CD comes out. Headed to Target at the butt crack of dawn to get her bonus soundtrack. Oh you aren't? Sucks to suck.

+ I just want 500 million dollars, a Lexus IS 350, a bearded man AND a baby. Too much? Didn't think so.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

{ nyc}

I'm not going to lie, 2014 has been just as rough as it's been good. If that even makes sense. I've had some downs, but I've definitely had my fair share of ups, especially when it comes to traveling.

In June, some friends and I had made plans to go to Thailand (umm yes please) in October. I had bought my plane ticket, but some things had fallen through. So as I was driving somewhere in Montana on my way to Washington, I called to cancel my flight and luckily, I got every penny back. But I was super bummed. I think my parents could tell too. Which is when they suggested I join them to go to NYC in October instead. I mean, whether they felt guilted into it or not, there was NO way I was going to pass that up. NYC is the best!

It was nice going back and not having to do all of the touristy things. It was fun to try new things. Don't get me wrong, if I was going to NY with someone who hadn't been before, I would hands down do all of those things over again. And funny I say that because last night a friend asked me if I would go with him. Well, DUH. 

Some of my favorite things from my trip:

+ High fiving Jimmy Fallon (top moment of my life thus far. Like, TOP) and going to his show. Especially when he looked me directly in the eyes and said "Hey, how's it going?" Gave me a sweaty (Ew) high five and then went on his merry little way.
+ Motown on Broadway
+ 9-11 memorial. We spent four hours there! It was awesome.
+ Biking over the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridge (and my mom almost getting ran over like ten times)
+ Trying so many yummy restaurants (Amarone and Sombrero in particular)
+ Rowing through Central Park (cutest thing ever)
+ Chelsea Market
+ Manhattan Temple

Favorite quote from my mom:
Dad: Let's go get a treat
Mom: Ok. How about a McDonald's Ice Cream Sundae?
Me : (Jaw dropped) Mom, we are in freaking New York City!! There's no way I am going to McDonald's! (My parents love their chain restaurants :)
Mom: Whhhat?? I love their Ice Cream Sundaes!

We ended up going to Junior's in Times Square. MUCH BETTER than McDonald's. Sorry Mom!

OR when she kept standing in the middle of the bike path and almost got ran over a million times. My Dad kept getting SO mad at her (fellow biker). Seriously, my parents were cracking me up.

(I may not look as excited as the lady behind me, 
but I was pretty sure my heart was pounding)
(Our eyes were making love in that exact moment)
(Rockefeller Plaza)
 (Brother in law, Scotty, was in town for work so we met up for dinner)

 (We like selfies)
 (Where the columns once stood. The foundation of the Twin Towers)
(fun facts)
 (The last column standing from the Twin Towers)

 (Fountain from tower 1)
 (MoTown on Broadway!) 
 (MoTown on Broadway!)
 (Fall in NY is perfect)
(Gelato, baby)

 (Brooklyn Heights. Look close and you can see the Empire State)
(Our selfie game is strong)
(Our new biker to be remembered... but check out dat Brooklyn Bridge! 
 (Central Park. The best)
 (He did all the work)
("and what's up with those duck lips?" EW!) 
 (A place of peace for the city that never sleeps)
 (Subway shots)
 (Best cookies in the WHOLE world)
(Chelsea Market) 
 (Chelsea Market, in an old Nabisco building)

The best part about this trip was the weather! If NYC could have zero humidity all of the time I would consider living there for a while. But it's that darn sweaty, humidity that I am not a fan of.

Such a fun trip and such a fun memory to have with my parents.
L O V E them! 

Until next time New York.....

Friday, October 3, 2014

Jam It Out

Sometimes I don't get how people do not listen to music. I have a few friends that really only listen to very minimal music. I understand there is nothing wrong with that but music speaks to me when my own words cannot express the way I am feeling or thinking at that particular moment in life.

So much music lately, so little time.

Shout out to T.Swift for getting it. And me.
It's not like I am counting down to October 27th for her new album or anything...