Wednesday, February 18, 2015

| be mine |

i look forward to valentine's day a little more since being a teacher. the kids get so excited to show off their valentine's day boxes and exchange valentine's. not only is it a fun day at school, it is also the same weekend as presidents' day which means no school #winning. this year (and last) i was able to go to kennewick. washington to be with breck. no lying that long distance relationships are hard. but it makes those weekends that we are able to be together that much more special and exciting. valentine's day was a friday and i was to fly out that night. my brother, scottie, dropped me off at the airport. i was giddy and couldn't wait to land in wa! as i'm sitting at my gate, i notice that the time to board had already passed. people waiting to board the plane were getting restless and i could tell something was going on. finally, the attendant got on the intercom and announced that my flight may be delayed if not cancelled due to fog in the tri-cities. what the? i called breck immediately and he was so confused. he lives in kennewick and the airport is a just few miles away in pasco, but he said it was mostly clear skies. i was so bummed. delayed would be fine. but cancelled? we are already on limited time anyway, that would just put a damper on things. after what felt like forever, the attendant gets back on to announce the flight was cancelled and won't fly out again until 8am. i was exhausted, disappointed and mad. all i wanted to do was to get to wa! i would be lying if i said i got a tear or two in my eyes. anyway, lisa and scotty came to my rescue at midnight.

i eventually made it to washington (without delays!). i was so happy to be there! after i arrived, breck and i bolted to seattle. we had a blast! 

things we did:
  • snoqualmie falls
  • coach outlet ;) 
  • pike's place fish market
  • gum wall
  • sunset boat tour
  • ate at the crab pot. where they little cook the seafood and dump it on your table and give you utensils to eat it. bomb dot com
  • space needle when it was dark (umm hello romantic)

we had done all those things a million times before. however, it was more fun to do them together. the rest of the time in kennewick consisted of lounging, making yummy food and driving around. the weather could not have been more perfect. you know what they say. west coat. BEST coast.