Thursday, January 29, 2015

| ski bums |

a few days ago i ditched all responsibility and went skiing with the fam up in park city. and what a wild day we had.

i'll be honest, i was a little nervous to go with my mom. she hasn't been skiing since she broke her pelvis ten or so years ago. i was afraid she'd be too uncomfortable and in pain (since she is most of the time). the night before we went up i said, "i am nervous about you mom...for a lot of reasons!" she laughs and says, "me too!" i knew right then that it was going to be a wild day.

scottie's snap chats described it best: dad had fraud on his card which almost prevented us from getting our day passes. mom broke her pole on her second run. how she managed that is still a mystery. and me? i lost my phone in the snow when i crashed.

the crash: scottie took me down this steep hill. should i have gone? n o p e. but did i? yep. and i crashed within 5 seconds. when i flipped, my phone must have landed somewhere in the snow because when we got down to the bottom my phone was no longer in my pocket. i freaked. my phone is white and i lost it in the snow....perfect! we downloaded the "find my phone" app and saw that it was in fact on the mountain. but where? so scottie, dad and i go on a rescue mission. we went to the spot i crashed and kept calling it. also, on the "find my phone" app you can push a bottom that turns on this high pitch "beep" on your phone. we kept doing that and eventually after some digging, we found it!! i lucked out. and to be honest, i really haven't had too many problems with it since. i thought i would have had major water damage. *knock on wood*

what happened the rest of the day? mom and i crashed into each other. and literally couldn't get up because i was laughing so hard. my mom on the other hand, didn't think it was so funny. and then my parents accidentally went down a black diamond. so i guess you could say our day was a little nuts.

so what if my family is a little crazy.
crazy is definitely the new normal......according to the johnson's!

Saturday, January 24, 2015

| workin' on my fitness |

in october and november i killing it with the gym. and eating. i was starting to see results and feel so good. then the holidays hit and i let that go. my priorities changed and unfortunately, i didn't make the gym one. and all those holiday treats? indulged with a capital i.

my friend gillian joined weight watchers this past summer. her journey has been inspiring because its been real. she didn't drop five jean sizes in three months. her goal is #30by30. she turns 30 in may and wants to have lost 30lbs. some weeks are off weeks and some are great! its just be conscious of what's going into our bodies. also, my sister adrienne joined in december and has lost 6 pounds.

so since i am having the hardest time motivating myself, i joined too. right now my goal is to get back on the eating right and exercising band wagon. another goal is that i lose 10lbs by spring break in april. so here we go....again.

Friday, January 23, 2015

| nom-naan-naan-naan |

sometimes all you need is a night out with one of your best friends. indian food and talking so much that you get kicked out the restaurant, kind of night.

tonight gillian and i met at bombay house in provo. it was much needed. what's funny is that we have a "much needed" friend date pretty much every other day. basically i need her in my life at all times. not living together has been the worst, i miss her like crazy!

we got carried away talking (as usual) when our waiter came to us to let us know there were a ton of people waiting for a table. first time for everything, right? of course we just laughed it off. and let's be serious, we will probably go to dinner tomorrow, too. so we can just finish our business then. not only that, we will probably have a thousand new things to talk about.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

| 27 |

When I was younger, I always wondered what life would be like in my twenties. Would I finish college? Start a career? Get married? Maybe even start a family? These are things I was always curious about (some I still am). I always thought my life would be "figured out." Not sure where that idea came from, but that was a complete misconception.

Here I am. 27. Not married. No kids. Yet, I wouldn't change that. I've been so blessed.
But it has kind of hit me though that in THREE years I will be thirty. Dirty-freakin-T H I R T Y.
(insert freak out here).

Which has me curious all over again: Will I have life "figured out" by 30? Marriage? Kids?
I guess it's all a mystery. So I'm buckled up, ready for the adventure.

My 27th Birthday was perfect in every way. I wanted to keep it pretty low key and simple. Friday, I celebrated my birthday at school with my kids. The best part? When we were celebrating and I was passing out their treat, Breck surprised me with a bouquet of flowers. My class freaked out (as usual). Every time he comes in they go CRAZY. And that's putting it nicely. It's funny because when my parents, sister or friends come in, they are calm. A boy? They freak.

Friday night, I invited some friends to dinner at California Pizza Kitchen. 

You know it's serious when.....your brother and your boyfriend show up to dinner matching.

Saturday morning, Breck and I went and got pedicures (yes, Breck) at my favorite place. He gave that to me as part of my gift. The best part? Gillian and her sister, Lauren, walked in while we were getting pedicures, not even planned.

 Later that afternoon, Breck's family and I went up to Porcupine Grille in Cottonwood Heights to celebrate my birthday and to say bye to Breck who had to go back to Washington (insert cry emoji here). 

(I know, I know. I look like I'm dating his brother in law)

Saturday night, some friends and I went up to Deer Valley to watch the World Cup Moguls. The weather was balls cold. When the announcers were awarding the winners at the end, it started snowing like crazy, we got soaked, but it was "snow" fun.

Sunday was a family party up at Lindsey's. Loved blowing the candles out with some of my favorites.

Needless to say, it was a great Birthday! And whether or not I like it, I am officially 27.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

| 2 0 1 5 |

last year, i had a resolution to go on as many adventures as i could find (and afford). and i held myself to that. every time i was invited somewhere, whether it was just a party at a cabin or a trip to st. george, i took the opportunity to go. jet to hawaii for nine days? a total yolo moment. and it was worth every second. i definitely went on a lot of adventures in 2014.

my new resolution or motto for 2015 is to not hesitate when it comes to serving others and look for more opportunities to do so. i really haven't been seeking out service opportunities and feel like this year i want to make up for that. doesn't have to be big. could be the smallest thing like helping a friend move, holding up a door or lending a smile.

i am so excited for the coming year and what it may bring. so 2015? bring it.