Thursday, September 27, 2012


Falling off the running bandwagon is no bueno. Why? Because the restarting part isn't my idea of fun. After Ragnar, I became pretty inconsistent with my workouts due to life being a tad bit busy (excuses, I know). 

These past couple of weeks I've been in the "recharge and restart" phase. Surprisingly? It's been good.
Maybe its because I have a couple of awesome running partners. OR maybe it's because it's been a stress reliever.
Either way, I am pleasantly surprised.

We've had some unbelievably beautiful runs this past week. It makes me wish fall would stay a little longer. Not only that, the crisp air and changing colors reminds makes me homesick for Spokane.

And what's fall without a little football? 

And without parents?
They practically live here these days #RetiredPeopleProblems 

{this picture makes me cry for so many reasons}

So Utah? I usually like you. 
But in the fall? I love you. 

So keep that scenery coming.
And the parents too :)

Oh and maybe, just maybe, a win for those Cougs?

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Lisa's Birthday

Today is Lisa's birthday.
Words can't describe how much I love this girl.

{gotta love the old school pics}

At her wedding this year, I shared a favorite memory of her:
When we were in High School, we made it a nightly tradition to go sit on the ends of each others beds and help each other pick out an outfit for school the next day. We'd talk about everything from the boys we liked to her leaving for college. Those nightly chats about our clothes, turned into a circle of trust and friendship. She made me feel like the coolest little sister ever.

I always joke it was tough growing up as her little sister because she was so perfect (even in those overalls).
Well, news flash people: I wasn't joking. She really is such an amazing person to look up to.
She's helped me through the worst of times and has been there for the best of them.
I am so thankful I have her not only a sister, but a best friend (as well as all my sisters) 

Monday, September 17, 2012

New York City

Five days.
Seven girls.
Fashion Week.
New York City.

Need I say more? I could probably stop right there. Our girls trip to New York was the trip of a lifetime! In the spring, a few of us talked about going to New York for Fashion Week in the fall. A few of us turned into seven and before I knew it, we were partying in the Big Apple.

Was I the typical tourist? Of course! Embraced my inner Asian (might have taken 800+ pictures...)

{Mr. Winn & girls at the 9/11 Memorial}
{Little Italy}
{Grand Central Station}
{Times Square}
{Kim Kardashian. Life is complete}
{Our signs were a hit}
{Savannah Guthrie, Today Show Co-host}
{Birchbox event. Free samples? Like legit ones? Alright!}
{Jersey Boys}
{Did I have the chills after Newsies? Yep. It was THAT good. Jack-main character}
{Olivia Palermo-from In The City}
{Rock N'Roll bike tour that took us across The Brooklyn Bridge}
{Best day ever!}
{Kate. Love her}
{Stace and I at Top of the Rock, overlooking Central Park}
{Concrete Jungle}

Oh! And I can't forget the pics from my phone...

{Best street ever}
{Jef Holm & Emily Maynard from the Bachelorette}
{Our ten seconds of fame on The Today Show}
{Our new friends}
{...we had to}
{Serendipity Frozen Hot Chocolate. Amazing}
{Beatles baby aka Strawberry Fields}

New York City in a nutshell.
It's going to be pretty hard to top this trip.