Tuesday, December 9, 2014

{ monday funday }

December 8th started out like any other Monday.

After lunch recess I knew that I only had 45 minutes until the AM kids left. As I went to go get my kids from recess, a coworker randomly said to me, "let's get out of here early today."

I thought, "We have meetings until 4pm..."

I walk into my classroom and half of my kids are already in there F R E A K I N G out. Like, they were all screaming at me. On my desk there were pink, frosted, sugar cookies and a Diet Coke.

Kids were yelling, "A guy left these on your desk and then left!" "But it wasn't Breck because he didn't have a mustache!" I love that they automatically assumed it was him. Finally one student said, "I thought I saw him go into Mrs. Donithorne's class!"

That's when it hit me. Was it him? Breck had Mrs. Donithorne when he was in 2nd grade (cute huh), and had been in her class a time before this year.

I tried to calm my kids down (impossible at this point) and said whoever it was might be back. To be honest, I also thought it could have been a parent or sibling dropping off a birthday treat because my class had a lot of birthdays.

Within a few minutes, they were screaming again, "HERE HE COMES!"
And in walks Breck :)
Surprised? You can say that again.
And his fishy-ness from the night before was all making sense.

That night we went to Temple Square with my family and then to Cheesecake Factory for dinner #nomnomnom

My Monday > yours

Sunday, December 7, 2014

{ Son of a Nutcracker }

One faint memory I have with my Grandma Johnson is when she took us Johnson girls to the Nutcracker Ballet at the Opera House. I remember feeling so grown up that I was able to go. I don't remember much of the actual ballet itself, but loved going with my big sisters. 

This year I decided I was not going to let Christmas pass me by. Meaning, I wanted to take full advantage of embracing the spirit of Christmas. One of the ways I was going to embrace the Christmas spirit was going to The Nutcracker with my girlfriends and sister, Lisa. 

Besides breaking the Nutcrackers arm, the little girl sitting in front of Lisa and I who couldn't sit still, I'd say the night was an overall success.