Thursday, April 30, 2015

| grandpa ransom |

after christmas 2014, i had a feeling it would probably be the last time i saw my grandpa ransom. he was aging quickly and getting slower as the days went on. i knew i couldn't let christmas pass without getting few pictures with him and spending some extra time with him. the best part was that on christmas we all wore plaid for fun. without telling my grandpa he showed up in plaid too #twinning

in january of this year was his 90th birthday. he had been looking forward to this mile marker of a birthday for a while. he kept telling my mom, "i just want to get to my 90th birthday."

soon after he hit ninety (like literally days after), his health started to decline. FAST. he got pneumonia, went to a nursing home, got pneumonia again and the cycle went on. on the night of April 7th, i got a text saying hospice called and my grandpa had passed. he was only on hospice for a matter of hours. so that was a blessing that he no longer had to suffer. it broke my heart to think of him suffering. he was such a sweet and gentle man who loved his savior, jesus christ. he was a self made man who worked hard for the lifestyle he wanted. he loved his sweet wife beth, who he is happily with once again.

i will miss the drive up to grandpa's house. i will miss picking raspberries. i will miss swimming in his -40 degree swimming pool overlooking liberty lake. i will miss eating stale lemon drops. i will miss dropping in and watching mariner's games with him. i will miss him tickling us until we could no longer breath (okay, maybe not...). i will miss his the way he scrunched his nose when he laughed.
most of all, i will miss him.

families are forever.