Monday, June 25, 2012

Ragnar 2012, Team Sweaty or Not

Year two of Ragnar? Done and done.

This year was a little different all together. Last year I felt prepped and prepared, I was scared to death for the unknown (I had dreams of me being trampled out there) and it was a brand new experience for me.

2012 has definitely been an awesome year for me, but it has been an extremely one too, mainly because of work. I went from driving ten minutes to work to driving an hour to and from work (rush hour traffic both ways). I never realized how exhausting commuting could be. With that being said, I felt like Ragnar training didn't get my full attention this year.

Just weeks before the race, I begged to get out of it for fear of not being ready. However, my family wouldn't budge. Which I'm glad now (wasn't thrilled at the time). Although I wasn't ready, I still ran it and did better than I expected to! Maybe I wasn't running eight minute miles but hey, I finished and thats all that matters.
{Van #2}
Leg #1
4.0 miles

I knew I could easily get through this. Flat and it was a support leg (my van could give me water). However, it was around 1pm the sun was beating down and I was roasting! Thank goodness for our spray bottle and the local neighbors for hosing us down.

{Exchange numero dos at Snow Basin}
Leg #2
7.5 miles

Holy moly, 7.5 miles? Yeah, I did that. Since it was dark, each runner has to have a reflective vest and head lamp. With my head lamp guiding the way, I thought "I got this." But once I realized it was on a gravel trail I about died. Not only was it the longest distance I've ever run at one time, it was the hardest run I've ever done period (not to mention boring and a non-support leg). Oh, and it smelt like horse crap the entire way. On the positive side, I saw the sun rise over the beautiful Utah mountains. When I went to hand my sister Lindsey the wrist band, I was probably cursing under my breath and she could tell I was more ticked off, than relieved to be finished. It was hilarious. 
{^ what was going through my mind before my last leg ^}
Leg #3
7.5 miles

By this point, I felt like I couldn't run anymore. I was tired (no sleep) and sore (trail run). BUT this leg was straight down hill (literally). I'm convinced this was the prettiest leg on the entire course. It ran through Deer Valley and down into Park City. Mountains surrounding, Hundreds of lush Pine trees everywhere, beautiful cabins and resorts. I felt at home. The minute I saw the beloved "One Mile To Go" sign, I booked it. I sprinted the entire mile in. I knew that there was only one leg to go before the finish line (which Scotty, my brother in law ran). That was the most empowering one mile I have ever run.
{Here I come! Ready to hand the bracelet off to Scotty to bring us to the finish line!}

{The team! Minus Aunt Becky and Steve who had to jet to the airport.}

Until next year Ragnar! Next year we are going to spice things up. 
Not only that, Scottie will be home from his mission. Holla!
Oh and we got our Diet Cokes at the finish line. Thanks Betsy!

Happy Running!

Friday, June 8, 2012

fresh start.

What I love.

After I stopped blogging on my other account, I really didn't care about blogging in general anymore. And when I did finally decided to blog again (by popular demand), all my excitement was gone. Meaning I didn't feel like I needed to tell the world I was happy, what I've been up to or that the last few months have been some of so fun (& hilarious). Life is good. And I didn't really care to share details anymore.

 It was a love-hate battle with the blog.

So I decided to print the last one and call it good.

Cheers to new beginnings.
Cheers to no strings attached.
And cheers to The Suite Life of Steph.

{And props to my bro-in-law who came up with my blog name}