Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Lessons of a Grown Up

I always hated when people told me that one day I would turn into my parents. What did that even mean? And how was that even possible? I never really bought into that saying and was annoyed when people would even say that. However, this past summer I've seen that saying come to pass.

Each and every year is a learning year for different reasons. I have learned so much about myself in a short six month period (since commuting to work in February). Who knew that such a small change could make a such a big difference?

If I don't leave work by 5pm each day I hit dead stop traffic on my ride home, which makes the commute just shy of an hour. Yesterday happened to be one of those lucky days where I clocked out at 4:59pm. I was thrilled that I wouldn't hit too bad of traffic and would (hopefully) be home by 6pm.

I was exhausted and wanted some sleep (and caffeine-but I'm trying to be better :). I thought, "If I can just make it home, I'll take a quick nap, eat, workout and go to bed."

Somehow one thought led to another and I got thinking about my parents. My dad always left for work around 6:30am and wouldn't get home until 4 or 5pm. Then we'd eat dinner as a family, he'd help bathe us, help with homework, run us to sporting events etc.. or watch a tv show with us (which most of the time he'd end up falling asleep-haha). And then would repeat day in and day out.

I complain about not being able to have a social life after 10pm or not ever having time to catch up on sleep. But I can't even imagine having a family on top of being tired all the time from commuting and working all day.

Thinking about that made me so grateful for my parents and the sacrifices they made for my siblings and I! Now I know why Dad ALWAYS took cat naps. He was exhausted all the time (now he's retired and thats a whole different story). Turns out all those people were right and that I am slowly turning into my parents (who knew?). 

{Family minus one BIL}

Moral of the story? 

Cat naps are needed for sanity and survival #fact 
And all those people proved me wrong, dang it.
Guess I'm a Johnson through and through!

Saturday, August 11, 2012


You know those weeks that you think to yourself, "I can't wait for this week to be over with?" Yeah, this past week was one of those weeks. This week was moving week. WOOF. 

Next time I move I am paying someone to move my boxes. H to the No am I moving by myself again. Also-I'm never living on the third floor again. Mark my words.

However, I shouldn't complain too much because I did have a blast (not kidding) moving my bed with my sister and BIL (see picture #8-notice the box spring on top of the car too).

Anyway, here is my life the past few weeks according to my phone:

1. That awkward (but awesome) moment when you show up to work and you are matching your coworker. Head to toe.

2. Mom's know best. Love the little notes Betsy sends me in the mail.

3. Did you know I love musicals? Well, I do. I'm not one to participate in them, but I sure love them! A bunch of friends and I went up to the Sundance outdoor theatre to see "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers." I had never seen it before. So cute! 

4. SNO (sisters night out) in Salt Lake. I love that they love so close and I love our new tradition. Sisters, dinner and shopping? What more do you need? (Notice I don't have a shopping bag. Proud moment).

5. Improvised table and breakfast on the go. Hey, I've been moving. 

6. Sleepover at Aunt Stephie's! I even let the girls stay up until 1am. Whaaa? #AuntOfTheYear

7. "Whew, that was some sale" is right! Loved July, but glad it's done. We managers are exhausted! 

8. Pretty sure we had to get a little creative when it came to moving my bed (see above). I love that Lisa and Scotty live so close. Not only are they family, they are friends. I always have a blast when I'm with them. I seriously love them.