Wednesday, October 7, 2015

| home sweet apartment |

the weekend i flew up with breck to look at apartments he was deathly ill. he had pneumonia (although he didn't know it at the time). he was such a trooper. we had to find a place by the following weekend, so we were def in crunch mode.

he had gotten worse since i flew in and by sunday morning checking out wards, i told him that finding an apartment was important but i would not go look for more apartments until he went to urgent care.

it was mother's day which meant we could talk to his brother, tate, who was serving a mission. breck probably said two whole words to tate and we signed off. it was the saddest thing i have ever witnessed.

anyway, we found an apartment that we liked and it has worked out! we are about 8 miles north of the city of seattle. which is great, because breck works right downtown so he drives to work (traffic = a nightmare).

our little 2 bedroom apartment has that "urban" vibe going on with the cement floors and i love it!

(there's still some area that i am more pictures to come)

Also, those black "go green" garbage bags next to our cute bench? yeah that's because everywhere charges for grocery bags here. ranges for $.05 -$.20 (thanks, norsdtrom). that by far is the hardest thing for me to get used to. booo.

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