Thursday, October 22, 2015

| back to the future |

this may be earth shattering news, but i had never seen back to the future until a few weeks ago (cue gasping here). breck's mind was blown when he found this out. sometimes i think he lived under a rock growing up. mostly, i just never cared about stuff like that.

anyway, breck would not let life go on until i saw all three movies. we watched the last one on october 21, 2015 (very fitting for bttf) and made a little date night out of it. it was so fun.

i actually loved back to the future and doc CRACKS me up! i love his facial expressions.

also on october 21, doc and marty mcfly were on the jimmy kimmel show and made us laugh so hard. there have been many back to the future jokes or references i have heard since (like the cubs winning the world series) and now i'm glad i am in the "know" (thanks to my husband).

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