Thursday, July 25, 2013

The 'C' word

My life has forever changed.
To what extent, I am not sure yet.

C A N C E R.

Cancer is something you hear about. It's something you know happens.
But it only happens in other peoples family, right? Never your own.

Cancer is one road our family is suddenly going down and there is no way out, but to just keep going.

Why. Why. Why.
So many questions.

Tender mercies have been shown. Like how my entire family was suppose to be in Glacier National Park this week. Everyone had work off for this week. However, when the news spread, we bagged Glacier everyone came to Utah. Although Utah is no Glacier, I wouldn't want to be any place else.

This is the first time my family has been together in 8 years. E I G H T years. Crazy. 

Courtney is strong and we can do hard things, this I know.
I also know that no matter what, our Father in Heaven is going to hold Court's hand throughout this.
He gives his toughest trials to his strongest soldiers. And she's one tough cookie.





Now who's ready to go kick Cancer in the grass??? (Well, you know what I meant)

Courtney is!


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