Monday, July 29, 2013


For family photo's we were given a color scheme.
However, Lisa, my Mom and I have similar taste in clothing.
At one point we all were thinking about wearing chambray shirts.

Lisa said, "I don't want a family picture from the nineties."
Oh, you mean like this?
(Did you seriously not think I wouldn't include the Kardashians in this post? Get real) 

Don't mind that Lisa and I are Mary Kate and Ashley in the middle of this picture. Twins or not, I am obsessed with our new family photo and more importantly, obsessed with these people.

Plus, we're kind of cute #sorryimnotsorry

We always have each others back. We laugh until we cry.
We play a mad game of Rummikub and/or Headbandz (true gamers, I know).
At the end of the day, these people are the ones that matter most.
And I am totally satisfied just rollin with my homies.


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  1. I owe it all to you and Lisa that I even know the word chambray. Thanks for teaching me how to pronounce it too :)