Saturday, September 28, 2013


The last few weeks have been B U S Y.
I am still trying to catch my breath.

Life has been good, but a little stressful. Between school and balancing the rest of my life, it can get kind of exhausting. I have learned over the years that I am more of an introvert, rather than an extrovert. I read this study that in order for introverts to "rejuvenate" they need to have time just to themselves. And same with extroverts. In order for extroverts to "rejuvenate" they have to be with people and doing things. So why am I saying this? To illustrate the point that I haven't had that "down time" and I am going crazy! My kind of down time is watching a movie, taking a nap, not doing anything for a night, going shopping or doing a craft. Sounds silly, but I am ready for that down time! Is it fall break yet?!

Anyywaayy, here is what's been going down recently.

Brother + his friends and Me + Jane went to the Luke Bryan concert. It was A M A Z I N G. Really. Luke Bryan brought it! His openers were Florida Georgia Line and Thompson Square. LOVED IT.

However, most of this night we watching lesbians dance on lesbians or THIS:

{Lady in black was REAL impressed}

The parents came to town and we went to the BYU vs Utah game. Talk about heartbreaker. For the first time, I am seriously considering switching sides and becoming a Utah fan. BYU has done nothing but break my heart these past few years. It's like they get the fans so pumped and excited and continually let us down. Lame. 

 {This view though >>>}

{Don't mind my black eye?}

The coolest part of this game? That four University of Utah Football players wore "Team Courtney Elise" bracelets during the game to support Courtney and Childhood Cancer Awareness month. Shout out to Honeycutt (#25), Murphy (#82), Chappuis (#19) and Freeman (#23). That was the real win right there❤️

{Grandpa J and Courtney}

We celebrated Lisa's birthday. She is 29! Holy cow, our family is getting old. 

I am obsessed with this picture of me and the girls. 
Oh and the one on the left? Always says "I am just like you, huh Stephanie!?"
Ut-oh :) Apologies to my sister and brother in law.....

{Remember how I am thinking about converting to being a Utah fan?}

Last, I had to take these pictures. One morning I am driving to work and it the prettiest sunrise you've ever seen. The next day driving to work? We changed seasons! Umm what?! I wasn't ready for winter-like weather overnight. I love fall and want it to stay as long as possible! 

But that's Utah for you! You never know what the weather is gonna be like.
I will say, both pictures are pretty. I am just not mentally prepared for snow :) 



  1. You're darling. I still want to come observe your class!

  2. You're darling. I still want to come observe your class!

  3. I am so old now! Like seriously.