Friday, October 11, 2013


Sometimes life is confusing.

Especially for my Kardashians.
They are pretty konfused lately.
I kan't keep up, kall me krazy.

No but really, life can be confusing.

Sometimes life has you wondering. And sometimes you need a change. Nothing crazy, usually something small. That's where I'm at. I need a change. Or maybe I am used to constant change and THINK I need one, but don't.
Or maybe I just need a shopping spree and a diet coke. Maybe that's all I need. 

Speaking of change, fall is by far my favorite season. I love all the colors in fall.
The other week my kiddos made leaf monsters. I loved this one. Ninja turtle?

Oh, and partying with these peeps?
Nothing makes me happier.

NBA preseason has begun. 
And I am pretty stoked about it.
Plus, that new jumbotron is pretty rad.

If you need me, I'll be relaxing.
Watching a lot of Eric and Jessie in bed.
Reading. Getting a massage. Or just painting my nails.


  1. Okay, Courtney is just the CUTEST little thing!!!
    secondly... is that Dave Evans?!? funny story with that guy... I've literally met him no less than 30 times and HUNG OUT WITH HIM yet he never remembers me. WHAT!? haha I obviously leave an impression on people ;)
    and third ERIC AND JESSIE! okay I'm a little too obsessed with it and mostly him, I mean, WHAT. where can I find that?! sign me up for being a football wife, please and thank you.