Sunday, October 20, 2013

A cause for celebration

This weekend was definitely a cause for celebration. 
My niece Alli was baptized. The thought of her being 8 terrifies me.
That means she will be 16 before I know it. Which really means... I'm getting older! Not cool.

That moment when you realize your family drove every possible car to one location.
I guess we forgot the meaning of "car pooling."

ORRRRRR that moment when you're driving and find your other nieces Fun Run sign. Love it!

Because let's get serious. She really is the cutest cancer patient ever. 
Plus she is inspiring with her endurance and spirit of courage. 
She's truly a fighter. 

When I was laying in Courtney's new princess bed, I found this monkey and thought it was cute.
Now what kid puts bandaid pieces on a stuffed animals stomach?
A child with that cancer. That's who. 

Also inspiring? The love and patience Kylie, the oldest sister shows to Courtney. 
They have the cutest relationship. 

Another cause for celebration?
Your class being selected as Cougar Class of the Month.
(Don't worry, I've heard every joke possible)

The best worst part about this? Having an 8 x 10 portrait of yourself hanging up in front of the school.
Cracks me up every time I walk in and out of school. My kiddos are the best though, seriously. 
I am LOVING this school year and I am so proud of my class! 

Last but not least, best Snapchats of the week:

Yes, I joined LDS singles for a month. And I'm pretty sure I will not be extending that....
Stacie did the dirty work for me while I corrected papers. It's like have a personal dating assistant! 

Two girls, one shopping trip to Salt Lake and 4 diet cokes later.....

Any cause for celebration deserves a Diet Coke.
Even if it's just a simple shopping trip. 

Glad Cheryl captured the moment :)

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  1. Or that moment when you realize your husband is sticking out his butt for the picture.