Wednesday, August 5, 2015

| girl time |

before i get married and move to washington, i wanted to have a sleepover with my nieces. kylie was a girls camp, so it was just alli and courtney. although it poured rain (i think we get more than seattle these days?), we still made it a party.

things to be noted:

+ did makeovers on the girls. i went all toddlers and tiara's on them and they l o v e d it.
+ ate a lot of watermelon (after all, it was national watermelon day)
+ swam in the hot tub (luckily, my parents place has one)
+ made endless amounts of duck tape flower pens
+ had a sleepover in the king size bed
+ played lots of dora memory

my nieces are the sweetest girls on earth. i'm serious. alli keeps things spunky and courtney is an A N G E L. i had so much fun with them and was grateful to be able to share that memory with them.

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