Tuesday, August 11, 2015

| tour of utah |

i never thought i would be so sad to leave utah. utah has everything! there's always so much to go do and see, indoors and outdoors. although seattle, has SO much to do too, i really will miss utah.

one thing i have always wanted to go experience was the tour of utah. while scottie was on his mission in san fernando, california, the tour of california went right by his apartment. so as i am living up in park city and the finish line was here, scottie and i decided to venture on over to watch the finish.

biking is so nerdy but SO awesome. on stage 6 out of 7 of the tour of utah, riders had a 13,000ft of elevation gain. talk about athletes. the whole aerodynamic of why they ride so close to one another fascinates me. 

riders started at park city main street and ended there as well. the energy at the finish line was intense, like gave me the chills! riders flew (i mean, F L E W) right past us to the finish line. i bet that was the coolest feeling to finish after seven days of riding.

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